Male Imaging

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 1. Male Imaging 
 2. Radiologic assessment of hematuria 
 3. Radiologic assessment of abdominal pain 
 4. Radiologic assessment of complications due to smoking 
 5. Radiologic assessment of chest pain 
 6. Radiologic assessment of low back pain 
 7. Breast imaging 
 8. Radiologic assessment of complications due to diabetes 
 9. Radiologic assessment of complications due to AIDS 
 10. Menu of Radiologic tests 

These 10 integrated curricula provide "one stop shopping" for learning optimal patient assessment, workup, staging, treatment and prognosis for many common Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Primary care patient problems. Anatomy and Pathophysiology are included where applicable resulting in a truly integrated, comprehensive offering. Interactive case based problems are presented as well as didactic notes. The Q and A format of the cases give the user a chance to make recommendations for patient workups, make findings on images, suggest diagnoses and patient treatment. The discussion notes cover both Radiologic imaging aspects and Clinical diagnosis, course and treatment aspects. The Menu of Radiologic tests with Indications, Contraindications and Patient comfort level is emphasized and Algorithms are offered to aid optimal useage. Numerous images and image galleries allow the user to learn the characteristic appearance of many abnormalities on CXR, KUB, CT, US, MRI, Nuclear scans. Differential diagnosis lists are offered in memorable format. The 10 curricula cover the assessment of Abdominal pain, Chest pain, Low back pain, Hematuria, Breast imaging, Male imaging, Complications from Smoking, Diabetes, AIDS and The menu of Radiologic Tests.